Payday loan consolidation companies

Payday loan with instant confirmation

If you urgently need a payday loan, you must expect to be rejected when making a credit request to the house bank. Financial preliminaries, which may well be a long time ago, hinder the taking up of a loan at the bank. It becomes all the more uncomfortable for the customer, if he urgently needs a payday loan . The reasons for this can of course be different. While one person has to carry out an urgent debt restructuring, the other needs the money for an important car repair.

Do you also need to raise money quickly and urgently need a payday loan?

We show you a way how to quickly get a loan with instant confirmation!

Private individuals give payday loans despite a negative entry. These can be found, among others, on the following provider platforms:

These private individuals invest their money in loans. The high interest rates they receive at the end of the loan make them double their money at best. Although the risk is of course very high for these providers, they invest their money in loans despite negative .

How can I get a payday loan with instant confirmation from private individuals?

The following steps must be taken to get a payday loan despite :

  • Go to the provider’s website
  • Enter desired loan amount
  • Give reason for the loan
  • Wait until a suitable private person has agreed to pay the loan
  • Further steps will be explained by e-mail

Do I have to earn an income for a payday loan despite the entry?

Normally, the following terms apply to a payday loan:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Residence in Germany
  • Regular income

If you are looking for work, you can still claim a payday loan. But you need a guarantor for that. He undertakes to pay the installments in case of non-repayment of the loan. The guarantor must give his signature in the credit agreement. Incidentally, this also applies to other groups of people without income such as housewives, students, self-employed or pensioners.

Up to what amount is a payday loan valid?

Basically, you can request all loan amounts from individuals. However, with a smaller loan (up to 2000 Euro), the probability of finding a suitable private person is higher than that of a large loan. For payday loans you can get an immediate promise within 48 hours. The loan will also be transferred to the account within 48 hours.